Is Warzone’s DMR Broken

Call Of Duty’s DMR has been around for years but only recently has it sent fans into a rage.

The DMR 14 has always flown under the radar with the Call Of Duty fanbase, but now it’s all we can talk about. When Season 1 launched on December 16th, Warzone got a new category of weapons: Tactical Rifles.

In the new category, you can find the DMR 14. At first glance, you may think this gun seems like the FAL; Semi-auto, decent damage, good firing rate, etc. You’re wrong!

The new weapon is a tool of destruction. In just 4 shots (less with a headshot and FMJ), you can tear through an enemy’s armor and health. With virtually no recoil and a fire rate that keeps up with your trigger-finger, this gun has tipped the balance of the game entirely. Here’s what some fans are saying on Call Of Duty’s Reddit thread:

IIonlyFans_womonII brings up another weapon with the same issue:

The Mac 10 is another weapon that seems to be incredibly overpowered. It has high damage and a super high rate of fire. It takes no time for a Mac 10 to eat through an enemy’s plates and health.

What do you think about Warzone’s newest editions? Should they keep them, nerf them, or remove them?

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